The 'Braakman' is one of the beautiful nature reserves we have in Zeeuws Flanders, in Zeeland. The whole area is immensely popular with native and migrating birds like geese, ducks and pheasants.
But if you'd like to spot wildlife you need to be inconspicuous, silent, early and, of course, lucky. 

End of May I threw my photo bag over my shoulder and got my D810 charged and ready. I put on my rubber boots and went into the 'Braakman Noord' reserve. My goal was one of the water pools so popular with the birds. 

Was it the wind, did I make too much noise or did my profile stick out? Either way, as one bird spot me, the whole flock took off long before my 200mm lens could get any detail. Loudly complaining the geese flew over my head to another pond.

One group of animal was not as shy though. It was a group of young bulls opposite the water. It was clear to me that they were very curious to what I was doing. Slowly the group came ever closer, only to be stopped by the water. I am sure they'd sniff my lens if they could only walk across.

Nikon D810, 70-200mm+1.7 teleconverter, ƒ/5.0, 340.0 mm, 1/640 sec. iso100